Illustrator Rob Worst flames    his dope designs on to walls, albums or exhibitions. His trippy    graphic novel style work will blast onto your retina.    

My illustrations

I don't really care what the platform is, I will flame my work on to everything.

I enjoy working digitally but also analog and can handle digital design software as well as brushes, rollers and spray cans.

For every assignment, I look for a suitable design and like to take on a challenge.

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Sjors van Gils Photography

Freelance illustrator based in Leiden, The Netherlands

Since 2016 I have been creating illustrations, murals, animations and artwork for clothing and vinyl record sleeves from my studio in Leiden.

I have worked for Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam, Het Parool, Madurodam, Leiden University, Jera on Air Festival and De Rap Winkel Records, among others.

My work is distinct and quirky but I always manage to find a strong connection with the client and her target audience.

My Process

With a good conversation and a cup of coffee, I like to get to know you and your project. I'll ask you a lot of questions so I can come up with flamingconcept that fits your concept.

After our conversation, I get to work on the first rough sketches and explore different (visual) possibilities. 

I will show you the best sketches and findings in a presentation. After this, you will get the opportunity to give feedback to make the illustration completely to your liking.

With your feedback, I modify the illustration and finish it in full detail and format.

KABLAM! The illustration is ready and can be used for your album art, exhibition or merchandise!

Flaming concept

Rough sketches

Presentation and feedback

Work in progress